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Tennis Tutor


View and improve your tennis game like never before with the TennisTraq app (formerly Tennis Tutor)Forget racquet mounts, forget standalone devices. Now turn your smartphone and smartwatch into a SmartCoach. Download the TennisTraq app on your android device and Gear-S2 paired with it. Strap on the Gear-S2 and you are set to track, store and analyze your game.
Sensors present on the Gear-S2 capture your game and help you analyze your performance on and off the court.Pair the gear with phone and swing to get instant analysis or store your games to view and analyze them later.
Create multiple profiles. Play as guest or login with your username to access your personalized sessions.
Dissect and understand your game with a series of stats (Last played shot, Shot distribution, racquet speeds, Active and rest time, etc.) provided by the app.
Recap and re-live the exciting moments of the game by going through your top 5 longest rallies.